My clients' incredible results include massive gains in confidence, joy, work/life balance, AND more money.Ā I'm grateful for each collaboration and witnessingĀ significant personal and professional growth. It all started with them choosing themselves. Hear what these talentedĀ gemsĀ have to say...



"I worked with Kelly as a Career Coach and also as Life Coach. Kelly has been an invaluable support system for me. She had my back at all times. She believed in me when I didn't believe in myself..."


"Kellyā€™s there to coach you through difficult situations. There were days I wanted to give up and settle for something that I knew I could do versus doing what I'm doing now. I made the right decision and did not look backward. Invest in yourself, and the rest will follow, especially with Kelly as your number one fan."



"Kelly gave me the tools to always get back to who I am, always get back to my purpose and remind me that I'm more than enough. If you are thinking about taking Kelly's {program}, all I can say is it was the best investment I've ever made in myself. It truly changed everything for me. The way I look at my personal life, my professional life. It led me to a career where I am flourishing and my personal life now has what it deserves from me."


"I will tell you honestly, the confidence boost the support that I got from Kelly and the group of ladies I worked with was life-changing. I'm happy to say that after a 14-year career in one company, I am about to start a new job on Monday, and I don't think that would have been possible without Kelly's help."



"Thank you, Coach Kelly, from the bottom of my heart, I'd like to acknowledge you for transforming my career transition into unlimited power and possibility, where I am having multiple conversations with my ideal employer, and these employers have sought me out. And without you, this would not even be a reality for me."


"I will tell you honestly, the confidence boost, the support that I got from Kelly and the group of ladies I worked with was life-changing. I'm happy to say that after a 14 year career in one company I am about to start a new job on Monday, and I don't think that would have been possible without Kelly's help."



"Luckily, after joining a webinar on LinkedIn, I met Kelly! I quickly discovered that not only is she a career coach, but she also has experience in the creative industry. Reaching out to her was a breeze too and I knew immediately after our first meeting that she was the right fit for me. She not only understood my background but also got my personality and goals. Sheā€™s everything you need in a coach and more. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to refresh their career narrative."Ā 


"Kelly was instrumental in helping me land a job that was an absolute perfect fit. Her empathetic and thoughtful approach, advice, and availability throughout the process benefitted me beyond a resume overhaul. She guided me to think more strategically about how I represent myself, how to boil down to the relevant information for the circumstances and generally boosted my confidence in the process. I highly recommend Kelly if you are considering help in your professional search. She listens, and she gets it."



"Being able to work with a group and understand that you're not by yourself is so helpful. She helped me with my negotiation process for my new job. She maxed out what I possibly could have gotten and I don't know if I could have done that by myself. I cannot say enough amazing things about Kelly."


"I wanted to say a few words about you and my experience with the career canvas. I really feel like you have a natural talent, and you approach the career job search with a holistic approach, creating an experience where we really look inside ourselves and you add so much support."



"Through her program, I really dug deep into myself and answered a lot of questions that were really important for my next career choice, and ultimately ended up getting my dream job at a higher level than I had even thought lot I could achieve. She helped me really build my confidence and ask for what I deserved."


"There's no doubt that you helped me to get this job btw. So THANK YOU. You truly did make a huge impact on my life. In more than just updating my resume and LI. You gave me tips to help my confidence and direction of my career and genuinely listened and cared so for that I'll always be so thankful for you!

PS. Also just FYI, I'm getting paid TWICE what I was getting paid in my last role."


"Kelly has been immensely valuable for many of my clients -- whether it's involved interview prep, troubleshooting communication issues at work, crafting one's personal pitch, or developing rapport-building skills, Kelly has always tangibly leveled up my clients and improved their performance. She's always a pleasure to work with, ensuring that my clients feel heard while not being afraid to deliver direct, honest feedback. I can't recommend Kelly highly enough, and I plan to continue working with her for years to come!"